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If you want to wear a crown, you must take it seriously. In the real estate sector, doing first is actually quite tiring. The person who runs ahead is an imaginary enemy of everyone. "Heap from the shore, the flow must be." This point, Professor Hengda and Professor Xu should have a deep understanding.
Since the beginning of this year, the enthusiasm of the capital market for Evergrande China has remained unabated. Except for the stock price of Hong Kong-listed companies that has risen repeatedly, the amount of strategic investment introduced by domestic subsidiaries has also been repeatedly increased. Evergrande Real Estate introduced 30.5 billion, 39.5 billion, and 60 billion strategic investments respectively in January, June and November. The total total funding for the three wars has reached 130 billion, which is the highest in the history of the A shares. November is the final battle of Evergrande. After the introduction of the third round of warfare, the company will formally submit a listing application for the return of A shares.
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In the third round of capital increase of Evergrande this year, investors included CITIC Juheng, Zhongrong Dingxing, Suning Holdings, Jiayu Auto Parts, Guangtian Investment, Shandong Expressway and other major companies. Why Evergrande has attracted so many Golden Phoenix Shelter? The bright performance of the performance is to give investors the most down-to-earth determination. The announcement shows that Evergrande's performance commitments for the 2018-2020 period totaled as high as 165 billion, which is much higher than the net profit of 88.8 billion realized in 2017-2019 years last year. With only a one-year difference in time, the performance promise has nearly doubled, setting a record for the A shares.
The industry analysts believe that the strength of the strategic investors introduced by Evergrande will not only be beneficial to the development of Evergrande, but will also have a significant impact on its strategic partners. The following is a brief analysis of its warring parties Suning and Jiayu.
Phoenix Phoenix, Gao Gaogang.
In November, the third round of the Evergrande war, Suning Zhang Jindong took out, 20 billion shares in Evergrande, while the two sides carry out capital cooperation, Suning Holding Group and Evergrande Real Estate Group will be in the commercial real estate custom, the supply chain of infrastructure materials and Financial services, smart homes and smart property services, O2O model innovation in real estate sales and other aspects of comprehensive cooperation.
When the entire Chinese Internet enters the “second half” and the omni-channel smart retail operation integrated on the offline line has become an industry trend, Suning, who has been taking the lead offline, is also further consolidating its offline advantages and developing Internet stores. The development strategy of “bigger stores and closer stores” was proposed. At the same time, after eight years of successful Internet transition, Suning is also combining its ability to use Internet technologies with offline business models to continuously improve the user experience. .
In June and November, Jiayu Auto Parts, as a strategic investor, invested RMB 2 billion and RMB 5 billion respectively to increase Evergrande Real Estate. Jiayuyu Auto Parts' affiliate Fangjiayu Stock Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the upstream of the real estate industry and has a rapid development momentum. Jiayu has achieved both endogenous growth and extensional expansion through capital bonds. Evergrande Real Estate has always been the first core customer of the Jiayu Group's architectural exterior decoration business. As a reflection of the strategic partnership between the two parties, Jiayu has participated in Evergrande Real Estate through indirect ways, further binding the strategic cooperation between the two parties, and continued to optimize resource cooperation. , merging the symbiotic ecological chain.
UI. Evergrande and its strategic partners Suning and Jiayu's ecological cooperation will perform a business story of passing a curve with Chinese characteristics. You can't be convinced, but when these opponents get their own efforts and obtain the crown of the industry, as an outsider, only by showing respect, will not lose the pattern. Wait and see, history will once again open a new chapter!
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