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Fang Sheng (Beijing) International Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. (8143.HK) is a US listed investment holding group company, and is committed to US listed companies engaged in medical investment and hospital management in mainland China and overseas. Through capital leverage, the company actively introduces advanced medical technologies, management models and service concepts from abroad, combines the development status of the domestic medical industry, and provides diversification for the market through mergers and acquisitions cooperation, management consulting, special planning, professional training, and entrusted management. The hospital management and management solution aims to establish Fangsheng Medical as the preferred brand of hospital management and management in China.
With the advantages and resources of listed companies, Fang Sheng Medical Group entered the medical and health market through various forms such as merger, cooperation, trusteeship, franchise, and new construction in the early stages of development, and directly invested in medical technology research and development, hospital integration and construction, and various diagnostic services. In the field, a unique medical specialist technology is formed, and it is applied to a unique chain of medical institutions across the country to build a competitive medical service industry network to maximize the satisfaction of the different needs of the domestic public for medical services.
Fang Sheng Medical hopes to have a certain number of general hospitals and specialty chain hospitals in the future, build the group's main industrial platform, complete the real significance of the distribution of medical chain institutions, and play an important role in the Chinese medical and health industry. Fang Sheng Medical Group currently establishes strategic partnerships with a number of medical colleges, research institutes and medical service organizations at home and abroad. It has established experts composed of academic leaders of the United States, Britain, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The library can provide technical support for intractable disease consultations and surgery at any time for its medical institutions. At the same time, it conducts basic and clinical medical research with a leading level and forms a competitive service model for intellectual property rights and features in the medical industry, guaranteeing Fang Sheng. The long-lasting sustainability of medical care.
The success and rapid development of Fangsheng Medical is based on its professional management team and employees. The company's management team consists of professionals who have long been engaged in the medical service industry and have extensive management experience at home and abroad. The company's management team not only has a broad international perspective, but also has extensive industry and government connections. Under the guidance of the Group's Board of Directors, the company's management has fully demonstrated its own M&A capabilities and management and management level. In particular, it has shown admirable skills and foresight in the integration of domestic M&A hospitals to ensure that Fangsheng Medical continues to develop at a rapid pace.
Currently, many medical institutions under Fang Sheng Medical have hundreds of experts and special talents who have authority in various major medical technology fields. Its medical technology level and humanized service concept have formed a unique brand in the hospital's location. The indispensable support and motivation for the continuous development of the hospital.
Fang Sheng Medical has established a unique “Fang Sheng Medical Model” in the medical industry in China through its powerful capital leverage, advanced hospital management experience, accurate hospital service positioning, effective cost control, and advanced management experience. "To adapt to the current national conditions in the development of China's medical and health services, and to be recognized by the industry, the market, and the government, and to become a replicable, scalable, and extendable specimen of the Group, truly benign expansion of capital, and at the same time the development of China's medical and health services." And improve the contribution.
Fang Sheng medical adhering to the civilization of the Millennium, taking advantage of the listed company's strong capital leverage and advanced medical technology and management experience, is committed to the development and dedication of China's medical and health undertakings.