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Corporate mission: To become the preferred medical service provider for Chinese citizens
The goal of Fangsheng Medical Group is to become the most influential hospital management expert in Asia. Its core service concept is human-centered, humane and high-quality medical services, supplemented by internationally-accurate medical technology, and changing the current Most hospitals use a hospital-centered service model. The company has formulated four development principles that are in line with China's national conditions, and formulate the strategic direction of sustainable development in the four dimensions of concept, talent, operation and development, and provide effective hospital management services: hospital management level and awareness. Internationalization, the localization of talents in hospital management, the marketization of hospital operations, and the scientific development of hospitals.
Fang Sheng Medical's hospital management team is composed of professionals who have long been engaged in the medical service industry and have extensive management experience at home and abroad. It has a broad international perspective and has extensive industry and government connections. These professionals have participated in the mergers and acquisitions and management of more than 100 large and medium-sized hospitals in different regions and companies in the past years. Their outstanding performance fully demonstrates the management ability and management level of Fang Sheng Medical Trustee Team.